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Sophie Eunsun Park

Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Applecross

“I am passionate about helping children grow, learn and reach their full potential. ”

I have been working in the early childhood education sector since 2014. I hold a Diploma in Children's Services.

I am passionate about helping children grow, learn and reach their full potential. I believe that a child’s confidence and sense of self are fostered through positive interactions with other children, our educators and the local community. 

High-quality early childhood education gives children the best start in life. It provides important opportunities to learn and develop. Early childhood education can support children 's social skills, develop independence and learn new routines. It also helps their transition to school. 

Great Beginnings Applecross is a place where children are encouraged to explore the world around them through play based learning. Being a smaller centre with a close knit group of educators, we have the ability to ensure that each child is supported, and each family is involved in their child’s journey with us. I believe all our children are special and unique, and it is our role not only to create a safe and fun space but also an environment where each child can blossom at their own pace. 

Every day I strive to create a welcoming atmosphere as it's important to allow families to participate freely in the center's activities. Parents will get monthly newsletters in regard to centre events, learning updates, staffing, local events, allergy notice, etc.

I look forward to welcoming you into our beautiful centre.

Call to enquire 1800 517 086