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Ryan Kroon

Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Gilles Plains

“All children are unique individual learners, and this is the primary influence of my pedagogical practice.”

I began my career in early childhood education in 2002, and I started at Great Beginnings Gilles Plains in 2022. I have an Advanced Diploma Leadership Business Management and an Advanced Diploma Children’s Services. 

I have worked with G8 Education for 11 years as ACM World of Learning Golden Grove, CM Community Kids Ashford, and Area Manager SA. 

Early education was the first job I had following secondary school. Early education and care was a passion from a young age, studying TAFE accredited courses in Child Care and Child Studies in years 10, 11 and 12. 

I believe each child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow in safe and secure environments that promote healthy relationships and a sense of identity. Supporting children to develop healthy relationships with themselves and other people is what inspired me to work in Early Childhood Education. 

I have learnt through healthy and trusting relationships, children develop a strong sense of well-being to become confident and involved learners.

Children respond well to freedom within age-appropriate limits, therefore allowing them to make choices in their play and encouraging them to contribute and feel connected to their world.

All children are unique individual learners, and this is the primary influence of my pedagogical practice. 

I am passionate about helping children on their learning and life journey. When children establish healthy relationships and connections to educators, their peers and care environments, it supports emotional well-being and influences them to become confident learners.

There are many learning benefits of attending a dedicated early childhood education and care centre compared to learning at home. It provides children with the opportunity to develop social skills away from home environments, which helps them form healthy relationships. Early childhood education settings support children to become aware of social behaviours, listen to others, communicate their ideas, develop emotional resilience, and become independent.

My mission for Great Beginnings Gilles Plains is to recruit, lead and develop a team dedicated to implementing standards and practices that exceed the National Quality Framework.

Our approach to relationships with children and partnerships with families is based on the Circle of Security model, with a team member allocated as your Primary Carer on confirmation of enrolment. Primary carers develop responsive and respectful relationships with new families, become informed of individual routines and interests throughout the orientation process and act as a safe base throughout the transition into the education and care environment. In addition, primary carers will support children in developing relationships with other children and educators, encouraging families’ engagement with service, and partner with them in planning individual and group learning experiences.