Our community, your team

Our community

Our child care and early education centres reflect the community in which we live. Creating connections within the wider community benefits society as a whole by creating a network of unity and support.

Learning about our local services and resources offers children a way to broaden their knowledge and develop a more well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of their surroundings, contributing to a greater sense of belonging.
We work with emergency services, volunteer organisations, environmental groups, local government services and cultural groups to provide real-world connections and authentic learning opportunities for children. Children are able to discover and learn about the significant roles people play in the community and their contribution in maintaining the effective operation of organisations and services.

Our centres also offer children practical, authentic opportunities for active community participation through initiating community projects and responding to the changing needs of the community. As children work towards a common goal within their community, they gain new knowledge, demonstrate agency, display consideration and compassion and develop their dispositions for learning.

Planning and enacting real-life activities develop children’s awareness of their social responsibility as a member of the broader community. Rich, collaborative experiences have a widespread impact and support children to meaningfully connect and contribute to their world.

Establishing positive partnerships with community services also provides a platform for families to engage with services to improve their health, education and wellbeing. Our role in educating and caring for children extends beyond our child care and early education centres to support families in the complex, yet rewarding role of raising children.
Baby and child educator  playing at Great Beginnings
Elderly lady and child learning with visual cards
Educator waving goodbye to a child

We seek to offer innovative and resourceful ways to create connections and provide valuable information on play-based learning, child development, daily routines and parenting practices in addition to interactive ideas including creative and physical activities.

We can’t wait to welcome you at our centre and demonstrate this valuable connection with our community firsthand.

Community Cubby

Our Community Cubby is a comprehensive online resource, enabling families to access relevant information to promote positive relationships and enhance the education, health and wellbeing of children. With information from a range of professionals, the Community Cubby has relevant and relatable information to inspire and support families.

Your team

The dedicated, diverse and professional team at your centre will provide children with a well-rounded early education and child care experience. Our educators are eager to pursue their own ongoing professional development in order to continually enhance their knowledge and understanding of children’s learning and development. We value the strengths, skills and education of our team and support them by offering study pathways for career progression.
Investing in our educators provides them with opportunities to achieve formal qualifications which supports the continued advancement of the early childhood profession and in turn optimises learning outcomes for children. With allocated study time, flexible work options, financial support and access to some of the most reputable early childhood professionals to deliver training and education programs, we are committed to the ongoing professional development of our team members.

The high regard we place on developing our team members is acknowledged with loyalty and dedication to our centres and the early childhood profession and most importantly, superior teaching and learning for all children attending our child care and early education centres in your community.

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