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Beth Brady

Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Atherton

“Every family that comes to our service is a part of our Great Beginnings family.”

I am so lucky to work here at Great Beginnings Atherton as every day when I arrive, I am greeted by all the children and their families with open arms. My team are always ready to embrace the day and spread their educational knowledge with everyone. 

My career in Early Childhood Education and Care began in 1995 and I have been here at Great Beginnings Atherton since 2015. I hold a Diploma of Children’s Services and bring a wealth of experience to the centre. 

Every family that comes to our service is a part of our Great Beginnings family. We always open our centre to the community and encourage an open-door policy. Families are always welcome to come and engage with their child’s learning and development, or simply come to the office for a cup of tea with me.  

We have several connections with our local community and encourage families to connect with them as they are the key to our community. We strongly believe in getting to know every child and encourage them through our play-based learning vision to be strong, confident and capable learners in our society.  

Every educator in our centre is highly skilled and has strengths in several different areas from physical fitness, sustainability, community awareness, child development and music concepts. We use this to guide our practices and work with the families in partnership to ensure all areas of the child’s development is being planned for.  

Our team cannot wait to meet your child and family at Great Beginnings Atherton and look forward to seeing you soon. 

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