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Tamara Formosa

Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Brookfield

“Over the years I have been honoured to assist families in raising their children.”

My career in the early childhood education sector started in 2005 and I have been working at Great Beginnings Brookfield since mid-2018. My career has seen me travel across Australia having worked in Sydney, Cairns and now in Melbourne. 

I hold a Certificate III and a Diploma in Children’s Services and all relevant qualifications including CPR, First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma training. I have completed training with Royal Children’s hospital to include epilepsy and tracheotomy. I enjoy upskilling yearly with industry courses including Mandatory reporting.  

Coming from a large Maltese family a quote that rings true with my upbringing and profession is that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ At an early age I found a calling for babysitting and further pursued this in my tertiary studies to work in early childhood education and care. Over the years I have been honoured to assist families in raising their children. Watching infants start with us and being there to witness their transformation to graduate from our kindergarten program five years later is such an honour. 

What I have learnt during my time in early childhood education and care is that the most common aspect of a child is that they are individual, they are their own person with individual needs, likes, dislikes and ambitions. Children come from all walks of life and need to be respected and guided through their early years. I believe children are natural learners and eager to experience, it is my goal to guide them safely through their early years. 

The difference of home learning in comparison to onsite child care and early education is the difference of primary carers and environmental change. At our early childhood education and care centre we care and educate for multiple children of ages and abilities. The social and emotional aspect of onsite care is greater than that exposed at home. We provide educators with dedicated qualifications to lead learning, access to quality learning resources, opportunity to interact with other children attending our centre and our unique learning environment. 

Our Great Beginnings Brookfield team believes every child deserves high quality education and care in a warm environment. We are a team of varied backgrounds and years of experience. Many of the team have been here since the opening of the centre in 2015. We are a close team with a range of interests, talents, and abilities. 

Being a professional child care and early education centre we uphold our responsibility with high priority towards health and safety. We ensure compliance is met and exceeded. We follow all policies and procedures in ensuring we provide a safe and welcoming space for all children, families and team members. You can read more about our health and safety commitment here. 

We believe communication is key in maintaining strong relationships with our families. We send weekly newsletter for transparency and information. We appreciate families are busy and might miss important information, we send emails, notifications on our all-in-one family app, notices on doors and notice boards as well as verbal reminders. 

We love celebrating special events. We hold regular date nights to give our parents the night off- where we host dinner and a fun night for the children while their parents enjoy some time out. We have a Little Pantry in our foyer which is open to all to donate or take what they need. You will always find some goodies in there! We have a borrowing library with a great selection of books you’re welcome to borrow. During the year we hold fundraising for charity events, special days, and cultural celebrations. 

A fun fact about me is that my favourite place on earth is Disneyland. I have been twice in two years and look forward to my next adventure to the magical land. My favourite movie is Disney’s Lion King. 

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