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Amy Buswell

Childcare Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Bunbury

“I have a passion for guiding children’s development and watching them grow into their own individuals. ”

I started working in early childhood education in 2000 and has been working at Great Beginnings Bunbury since 2017. I hold a Diploma in Children’s services. I have worked within all age groups in a variety of services. I have also worked as the Educational Leader within two different services. 

I have a passion for guiding children’s development and watching them grow into their own individuals. There is nothing more rewarding then watching a child discover a new skill for the first time. Children have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn new skills when they are supported by those that are important to them and those that care for them. It is important to build strong relationships with the children in your care, to value them for their own personalities, and to grow and learn with them.

All childcare centres, including our centre, use the foundation of play-based learning to guide our experiences every day. With access to a range of age-appropriate learning resources, trained educators, and new experiences among friends, we set children up to thrive in an environment that is dedicated to learning.

We cater to the children’s interests and needs. We are a well-resourced centre that can offer a variety of activities to explore and investigate. We have a state-of-the-art programming system that allows you to connect to the centre and programs via Xplor. We have an amazing centre cook on site every day preparing Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea. All meals are prepared fresh on the day and we have a 4-week rotating menu.

We have a very dedicated, motivated, and special staff. They are very passionate and love spending time with your children to educate them. Many educators have been here for over 3 years. The team are extremely enthusiastic about creating a child care centre that is truly a home away from home, where all the members are happy to be part of a great experience.

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