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Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Cloverdale

“As a team, our priority is to ensure that each child can feel safe and supported at our centre. ”

My career in early learning started in 2011. I joined Great Beginnings Cloverdale in 2023. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. 

I chose a career in this sector because I was so inspired by the impact that the early years make on each child, and how much we can positively enhance their future outcomes in life. I love supporting a team of educators in truly making a difference in children’s lives. Providing your child with the opportunity to access a high-quality dedicated early learning environment will make such a positive impact on their future.

We ensure that all the interactions between children and our educators are meaningful, positive, and authentic, because our interactions with children mean so much more than just knowledge. Our relationships with children help them learn values, positive emotional regulation, belonging and confidence. I make sure that I am always present and curious around children. As a team, our priority is to ensure that each child can feel safe and supported at our centre. When children feel secure, they will be more confident with themselves and more eager to learn about the world around them. 

We have a team of dedicated educators here at Great Beginnings Cloverdale who are well-equipped to provide your child with a safe and nourished journey. They are passionate, curious and hard-working. They create authentic bonds with all families and children. Our educators know just how integral and meaningful your child's early years are, and they do whatever they can to support your child's positive outcomes in life. We support families by being authentic, approachable, accessible, and non-judgmental. We want to align values and goals with our families and be your second family.