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Jessica Miles

Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Gregory Hills

“Children are so loving and eager to learn, it is such an enjoyable career as you never know what path the children’s thoughts and ideas are going to take you.”

I have been involved in the ECE sector since 2008. Through hard work and dedication I have excelled in my career and found my true calling in life. I hold a Certificate III and Diploma in Children’s Services and currently enrolled in Macquarie University completing a Bachelor of Teaching.

I believe the environment plays a major role in the success of an early childhood program as it enhances the children’s learning in all developmental areas. I endeavour to help each child understand they have the right to belong and contribute to many communities, groups and the greater world around them whilst having a shared responsibility for natural and built environments.

I am passionate about leading our team of caring and professional educators in creating an environment that provides security and growth for the children and their families. The team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and qualifications to adequately support each child’s needs.

I am to be forever passionate, patient, caring, fair, fun, educated and available to the team, children and their families. I will be guided by policies, procedures and regulations to the best of my knowledge and ability at all times.

Call to enquire 1800 517 086