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Ashleigh Mathlin

Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Hammond Park

“It takes a village to raise a child” and this could not be truer to the experience we provide here! 

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2011 and started working at Great Beginnings Hammond Park in 2018. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood education and care.


Once I finished school I knew that I wanted to work with children but I wasn’t sure in what area, I did some work experience in an early childhood education centre and found that this is where my passion lies. 

The learning side of what children do at childcare is extremely important. I believe that as a mother myself the relationships that the children build with our educators and the opportunities that they are given to engage in the community outside of the family home is highly valuable. Learning through play is what we teach at our centre, currently in our preschool room the children have been given some silkworms and they are able to feed them and watch the life cycle of a silkworm. 


I value the importance of nurturing a team that works towards a common goal of achieving high quality care and fulfilling experiences for children. All children have in built curiosity and potential, our job is to both nurture and help children develop by exploring the world in which they live. 

Our team at Great Beginnings Hammond Park are a long-standing passionate team, we believe in the importance of creating a unique and fulfilling learning environment for all children and their families, as we are a community at large within Hammond Park. It is what we can offer to the children through the Early Years Learning Framework that can provide an enriching environment where all children have the opportunity to Be, Become and Belong in our community.  

We uphold health and safety standards and practices at our centre by ensuring that all health and safety checklists are always completed. Each child has the right to feel safe, loved and cared for and I want this for every child that comes into our centre, by been available for not only the children when they need help but also for families who are struggling also. 

We hold date nights throughout the year for families to drop off their children and spend some time together child free, while the children play and have fun at the centre and we also provide dinner on those nights.  

When families visit our centre for the first time, we offer them a take-home tour brochure which has lots of information in it so that they can make a more informed decision. We strongly encourage all families to do orientation as this gives the child, educators and families time to get to know eachother. If families have any enrolment questions, our team is always happy to sit with them and help them through it, including any questions on the Child Care Subsidy and our all in one family app.  

I welcome you to come in and meet the friendly team. You’ll love the smell of fresh food cooking in the kitchen and the sounds of laughter from the children and our team members.