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Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Kelso

“I want all children to be respected as individuals, and I work hard to support the best learning outcome for children.”

I began working in the OSHC sector in 2000, and moved over to the long day care in 2003. I have been an assistant director for 4 years before taking on the Director role in 2019. I was the centre manager at a community based centre before joining Great Beginnings Kelso in July 2023. I hold a Diploma in Children's Services. I have worked in all age groups, with the majority of my time in the 15mths -2.5yrs age range and the 6weeks - 2yrs age group. 

Witnessing children grow and learn is so rewarding, especially when you see a child grasp a concept you have been working on for them. I want all children to be respected as individuals, and I work hard support the best learning outcome for children, not just while they attend the centre but when they head off to school. Our learning experiences are tailored to each individual child's needs. 

As we are a new service, we will be gathering qualified educators from a variety of services with a wealth of experience. Our team will be strong, committed and focused on Early Education and the wellbeing of each child. When children and families form a bond with the educators, their relationships based on trust help them feel secure in their environment and help them build the confidence to enjoy their day.

More recently in my leadership role I have enjoyed working with families to support them through difficult times with their children at home, or accessing additional resources and support where needed. I am always welcoming and available to families, offering support for the families wherever I can. It is essential to build these welcoming reciprocal relationships.