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Charmini Nigel

Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Lyndhurst

“As an early childhood educator, my job is to ensure that every child is valued and made to feel safe, secure and supported.”

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2011. I transferred to Great Beginnings Lyndhurst in March 2022. I hold a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and care. I have worked in various early childhood settings over the past 11 years and have worked across different age groups in various roles. I have been a center manager for the past 4 years. 

During my time working in Early Childhood Education, I have learnt that every single child is different. As an early childhood educator, my job is to ensure that every child is valued and made to feel safe, secure and supported in order for them to grow to their fullest potential. I believe in play-based learning, following each child’s interests and creating an environment that suits their individualized needs. 

The benefits of a high-quality early childhood education program are endless. Here, children learn how to navigate and negotiate play with their peers. Children will become more resilient, more independent and better at communication. 

Each team member at Great Beginnings Lyndhurst brings something special to our centre to support each and every child. As a Centre Manager, I take pride in our diverse team and advocate for their hard work and passion. As a team we strive to provide a high-quality home like environment where each child has the opportunity to learn and grow. We create a home away from home where children can develop in a warm, safe and nurturing environment.

The biggest thing in supporting our families is a high level of communication. In order for this to happen we ensure that we are available to help throughout each day. We encourage families feedback in order to help us improve and further support our children and families. We walk the families through each step, from when and how to apply for CCS, to submitting the enrolment forms. During the orientations, we assist families in getting the CCS applied to the account and give them a rundown of our app (Xplor). We work in partnership with families from the moment they come in for their tour, until their child goes off to school at the end of their enrolment. 

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