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Julie Willshire

Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Mt Clear

“I want each child to walk out and the end of each day with their heads held high, knowing they are courageous, capable, and intelligent.”

An excellent early learning environment is an opportunity for children to develop social skills, vital for relationships with other people. This is where children develop the strong resilience and independence required for school transition and a love of learning through play. This is also where children make their first best friends.

Every day is different in an early learning environment. I love watching the children grow and change so quickly. I love making a difference in children's lives. I believe I am not here just for the children but for their families and the wider community. An excellent early learning and care service has a positive impact locally, especially being a regional service. We do become part of the family unit.

I have learnt that children are much more intelligent than we give them credit for. I encourage children to make their own decisions and guide their own learning. I help children build confidence in themselves and encourage them to help others. I want each child to walk out and the end of each day with their heads held high, knowing they are courageous, capable, and intelligent. I am passionate about making our families feel like they belong, and I believe I am accomplishing this.

I provide an environment that makes children feel safe and supported. I understand the anxiety parents must feel leaving their children behind. I had my three children in childcare many years ago, and I am now presenting to work what I wanted as a parent with young children.

I give our families consistency. I am prompt in responding to emails, and I show our families that I genuinely care. I build trust with my families by being honest and open with them. I support our families by offering flexibility with their booking because we all need a good work/life balance.

We have a strong, nurturing team that respects each other's work styles, backgrounds, and perspectives, but our vision is the same. We strive to provide the highest quality of care and early education. We have a highly experienced Educational Leader that supports our team and encourages continuous improvement. Our team are long-standing community members, and we have low team member turnover.

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