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Karlien Kerr

Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Pimpama

“I am very passionate about helping children reach their full potential in life.”

I began my career in early childhood education and care in2001 and and started working at Great beginnings Pimpama 2019. I hold an Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services.  

I am very passionate about the Early Years and believe that as Early Childhood Educators we build the foundation for children’s learning and understand how critical the first 5 years are for a child’s development. Working in the Early Years is a rewarding career which is enriched with experiences that leave a lasting impression on us as Educators. I am very passionate about helping children reach their full potential in life. As Early childhood Educators the role we play in children and family’s lives is incredibly important, helping children establish the building blocks for a successful lifetime of learning.

All childcare centres, including our centre, use the foundation of play-based learning to guide our experiences every day. With access to a range of age-appropriate learning resources, trained educators, and new experiences among friends, we set children up to thrive in an environment that is dedicated to learning. Children develop their curiosity, problem-solving, confidence and resilience at our centre, and we carefully plan play-based learning experiences around their interests and learning goals. Over time, you will see your child develop abilities such as language, motor movement, memory, concentration, and social relationships all by partaking in these experiences - it's a truly incredible journey to witness!

Our team is extremely passionate about creating a centre that is a home away from home for both families and children where our team celebrates diversity of all cultures. We are very fortunate to have many educators who have been in the Early Childhood field for a number of years, having lots of experience across many areas of the centre.  The centre really is an extension of the home environment, and we work in partnership with families to ensure this is the case, understanding each child’s individual needs.

Our team understands just how important your children are to you and we ensure we take our responsibilities seriously. Great Beginnings has extensive policy and procedures in place to assist our team in protecting children in our care. You can read more about our commitment to safety here

At Great Beginnings Pimpama we are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that is an extension of home.  We strive to create a learning environment that feels warm and welcoming.  We encourage families to be involved in their child’s learning and pride ourselves in open communication.  I believe that it is essential to create a fun learning environment for individual children, fostering their individual interests to create a holistic learning environment.

 have created a supply for children and families with a fruit bowl at front reception. We also have our amazing cook Miss Jo, create special treats for our families to have when they collect their children from the service.  We also have a community pantry in the foyer available to families, we have a variety of different food items available for families to grab, in the event that they haven’t had an opportunity to get to the shops to grab an essential item that they may require to help prepare dinner and ask for families to please donate an item back to the pantry when they next have the opportunity to go to the shops, on a “Take what you need, leave what you can”.

I am passionate about leading and mentoring our team of passionate and caring early childhood educators to create an environment that has caring, secure, respectful, and reciprocal relationships with all children and their families. This allows for all children and families to build a strong sense of belonging to our service. We encourage families to come and spend time at our centre before they officially start, that way they are all able to get an opportunity to spend time in the rooms and with their children’s educators and build a strong foundation with the centre. With many of our team having children of their own, we have all been or are going through the process of child care and early learning – we are proud to offer support where possible - from helping our families to enrol, applying for the Child Care Subsidy or even tips to help with fussy eaters or toileting. We are here to help. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Great Beginnings Pimpama.

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