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Lana Ibrahim

Childcare Centre Manager - Great Beginnings Reservoir

“I love seeing children grow and facilitating their love of learning. I am keen to make a positive impact in every child’s life.”.

Started my career in early childhood education and care in 2011 and in the same year started working at Great Beginnings Reservoir

I believe children are confident and capable learners, and we need to facilitate their learning by providing activities and experiences that are engaging and extend their interests. I love seeing children grow and facilitating their love of learning. I am keen to make a positive impact in every child’s life at our early education centre.

Attending an early childhood education and care centre provides many benefits. Children have the chance to socialise with other children not only their own age but across all age groups. They gace access to dedicated group learning opportunities such as story time, activities, learning programs, show and tell, specialised programs, visitors from the local community and so much more. 

The best part of my job is the team – they are so committed and positive about their role as educators. The whole team sees their role as incredibly important, helping children establish the building blocks for a successful lifetime of learning.

Health and safety is extremely important and is a priority to us at Great Beginnings Reservoir. We ensure all safety measures and protocols are followed and in place, including risk assessments, supervisions plans, management plans, policies and procedures. All team members have completed and refresh every 12 months their complete child protection certifications. We also have a dedicated food safety supervisor that oversees our food safety plan and the daily serving of food to children. All team members also complete their food handling certifications.

We spend a great deal of time with each new family assisting them with the complete enrolment process. In conjunction with our Family Support Team, we ensure that families receive all the necessary information that is required about the child care centre and enrolling. We provide a comprehensive tour, that explains all child care centre information, learning programs, view our environments, meet the team, and answer any questions the family might have.

We regularly host family events such as Mother's and Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, date nights, and more. This encourages our families to come together as a local community with our team and we also host celebrations at the end of the year. We have meaningful face to face discussions with families every day to ensure they feel that the relationship is important to us.

We build rapport and relationships with our families through meaningful daily conversations, providing regular updates on their child’s progress, listening to their feedback and actioning it.

The team at Great Beginnings Reservoir cannot wait to meet your family and begin this exciting journey with you.

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